Clare Evangelista.

19 Sun Revolutions

This blog is a place to share my life, thoughts, and ideas with anyone that this resonates with.

I completed my 200HR Yoga Teacher Training, August 2017 and I am now a student at Hawaii Healing Arts College in Kailua, Oahu.

I began living a vegan lifestyle back in 2013 and it was the more intelligent decision I’ve ever made. I had become aware of the illusions I believed in after watching the most eye-opening movie called “Earthlings.” (Which is totally free online and highly recommended. ‘’) Veganism planted a seed in me to seek deeper consciousness and compassion every single day. I love veganism because I love animals, all animals and I love feeling amazing everyday. I will definitely be sharing some dank vegan meals on here.

Not only do I want this to be a place to share my creations, experiences, lessons, and more with you, but also a place of personal growth for me. Something that pushes me to be the greatest Clare I can be, to dive deeper into my emotions and this present moment, and most of all reflect on my thoughts and choices each day to see if I am serving myself and the life I desire to manifest.

I thinkĀ Island Radiance expresses the vibe of the lifestyle I am creating around me everyday and hopefully it will ‘radiate’ to others to live conscious and wholesome lives as well! I want to radiate love to every living being and inspire others to do the same and in turn creating a more beautiful and harmonious planet. I want to promote consciousness on all levels to help humanity strive and prosper in their own individual lives and as a collective so we can evolve and in the future provide our children with a more loving and abundant planet to live on.

Feel free to reach out to me if you ever want to talk or have questions for me or about my life!

Much love, Clare