Aloha! Thanks for checking out my blog, Island Radiance. I’m stoked you’re here! I was inspired to create this blog as a canvas for creative expression, an archive for the amazing life and adventures that await me, and to share with you guys what I do in my own life to radiate as much love, beauty, and compassion that I can to the Universe.

My name is Clare and I’m currently living in Hawaii. I enjoy practicing yoga, eating vibrant foods, drinking Kangen water, creating art, listening to music, doing handstands, laughing till I cry, and promoting a more conscious community and world.

As I finished off my senior year (17′) I struggled with the pressures of not knowing what to do with my future. I wasn’t interested in attending more of the traditional schooling that everyone told me I should be striving for. I wanted to make sure I did something that I would wake up everyday, and be happy, and have positive feelings about. I wanted to spread my goodness by helping people. I wanted to teach and demonstrate to others that transformation is always a possibility. I wanted to help people truly see the power they have over their lives and experiences.

Back one night in May 2017, a beautiful idea blossomed. My mama and I took a dip in the jacuzzi after a long day, with some rejuvenating lemon water to relax and reflected on the past 18 years of my life and my tedious journey through the public education system. I would be graduating the following month and had vague plans to attend some type of Holistic Health Program. I knew I was procrastinating and needed to make some decisions.

After a good amount of research on my part, I talked with my mom about somehow synchronizing my lifelong dreams of living off the grid in Hawaii, and pursuing holistic arts for the betterment and healing of humanity. We figured out a short-term plan. I found a nine-month intensive Massage Therapist Program in Kailua, Hawaii called Hawaii Healing Arts and enrolled immediately. I’m stoked to be here learning the art of facilitating healing. I’m still trying to accept the fact that I’m really actually here for good. You cannot fathom how lovely living in beautiful Hawaii is until you’ve been here. The air smells like plumerias and everywhere you look there is something natural, vibrant, and bright green. To put the cherry on top of my delicious cake, for graduation, my parents gifted me with a three-week Yoga Teacher Training Course in Costa Rica that I attended in August and it truly changed my life.

So I’m starting off my holistic journey as a certified Vinyasa yoga teacher and a soon-to-be Licensed Massage Therapist, and I will see what happens from there. You never know what the future holds because the universe truly does work in mysterious ways. I am beyond blessed to be embarking on this journey in such a dreamy atmosphere. I’m creating my dream life every single day and you most definitely can do the same. I feel honored to have this new space to create, express, share, and hopefully inspire others. Thanks for reading and caring, please feel free to look around or leave me a message about anything. Welcome to Island Radiance. You are loved!

Moral of the story:

  • Life is too short! Go where your happiness grows!
  • Never let go of your dreams because someone else convinced you that you should
  • You are the creator of your life and you can create anything you can imagine!